Spelling mistakes and exam prep

When it comes to a business’s repute, professionalism is necessary. Simply becoming careless and substandard when considering punctuation and grammar can damage how the consumer interprets your agency. A council in England has discovered just how significant proofreading services are when an obvious mistake left the council members embarrassed.

A street sign a residential area of Leeds which was misspelled pulled in the interest of the national press after local residents reported the error. Inhabitants on Pudsey Road in the town were left puzzled when a sign was erected on the roundabout naming the area ‘Pudesy’. It was only after media reports were published that the council corrected the fault, eight months later.

Inhabitants who lived in the area around the junction were astounded and ashamed at the gaffe. The town lends its name to the BBC’s famous Children in Need mascot Pudsey Bear, so there were plenty of jokes at the wrong spelling of such a common word.

Leeds City Council has now finally fixed the sign after being approached by the Yorkshire Evening Post. A spokesperson stated that there had been an oversight made by the sign manufacturer but that they were made aware of it and had made the essential changes. However, they didn’t reveal why no one had checked the spelling prior to the sign going up.

This story reminds me of recent work for the GED practice tests website, I was in charge of reviews of the practice exams taken by wannabe GED diploma holders. There are so many people who just assume they should pass a GED exam without learning and when they take a practice test it’s obvious that they make so many mistakes, mostly spelling mistakes.

Perfectionism getting in the way?

I can’t do that because I don’t have enough experience in that field…

I will start Monday…

I am not skinny enough to wear that…

No one will ever read or listen to what I have to say anyway, I am just not good enough…

I can’t submit my resume yet, it isn’t perfect…

How many times have phrases similar to these stop you from going after what you really want in life? If it is more than once or a handful of times, you may be a perfectionist. I should know, I am one!

I have spent many years on the sidelines looking out onto other people living their life successfully, wondering what am I doing wrong? I look on with envy and self-pity. Why can’t I get to where they are too? I just couldn’t quietly put my finger on what was holding me back until I took a long, hard look in the mirror.  It was me. The greatest thing in my way was myself and my perfectionism. I was terrified of not being good enough.

My brain has been rattled with the thoughts of: What if I make a mistake? What if I am really bad? What if I can’t do it?

This mindset coupled with fear, it is a miracle I got anything done in my lifetime. I mean what is more paralyzing than a fear-based perfectionist?

Luckily I am not the only one in this universe who has suffered from the self-indulgent disease the mind, and that many have found a solution.

I heard recently, for PERFECTIONIST, it is better to do it really badly than not doing it at all. In fact, there was a stress to not even try to do a great job. Just do it- as Nike would say. Listening to these words instantly melted away the stress I place on my own shoulders of being perfect. It reminded me that we are humans, we are meant to make mistakes. How else would we move forward?

So now when I take a risk on myself, because most of life is about taking risks, and I make a mistake- I tell myself “oh look at me being a human, how cute.” I don’t berate or punish myself for mistakes anymore. There will always, ALWAYS, be more opportunities.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I received from a friend ten years older than myself was, “Don’t take life so seriously. There will always be another job, another boyfriend, another chance.”

I hope that you take this week as an opportunity to practice being imperfect. See where it will take you, and remember there is always more opportunities around the corner.