Learn Spanish Online for Free

These days having a basic knowledge of the Spanish language can not only help you communicate better with those in your neighborhood but improve your job prospects as well. These days most people head to the Internet to find a way to learn Spanish quickly and easily and there are certainly a lot of offerings out there. This post shows you a few opportunities to learn Spanish online for free.

The unfortunate part is that many of the sites offering to help you learn Spanish online are far from inexpensive. The question many people on a tight budget have is whether or not there are any free sites that offer tools to learn Spanish online. To answer this question we fired up our Google search bar and these are some of the results we came up with:

Onlinefreespanish.com – This site provides beginning Spanish speakers with the basics that will provide a great foundation for speaking the language well and to use it does not cost a thing. Using simple games and flashcards to help students grasp the basics this site won’t give you the most comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish language but it does cover enough that you will be able to hold your own in everyday social interactions.

This site is especially good though for kids who are learning Spanish in school to practice using their new found knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Spanicity.com – This is another free destination for those hoping to learn Spanish online. A little more comprehensive in its offerings this site has audio lessons available as well as simple visual lessons that cover all the basics of conversational Spanish that one would want to use on a day to day basis. Not as bright and friendly as some of the other websites but definitely a great resource for those hoping to learn Spanish online without spending a fortune.

spanish.speak7.com – Although this website is a portal to a number of paid Spanish learning sites it still offers some great basics for free, especially if you are the kind of person who is better at learning by rote than any other method. Basic grammar rules are covered in detail and a number of conversational situations are explained as well.

Busuu.com – This is almost like a social networking site for those who want to learn Spanish online. There is a more comprehensive paid option available but the basics are offered free as is access to a video chat room where you can interact with other students. Some people may find the picture based vocabulary lessons easier than the offerings on other sites, especially if you tend to be a visual learner anyway.

The other big advantage of this site is that it does not just offer free Spanish courses but courses in French, German, Russian and Italian as well. As a free member, you are offered the same basic lessons in as many of these languages as you can handle but you may want to stick to mastering one at a time!