Conversational Spanish – How to learn it fast

The Spanish language is so-called “the new English language” and is the third-most-widely spoken in the world according to some sources. Not only that it is vastly used in many countries, but it is a language you can learn just for fun or for an understanding of all these romantic Spanish songs. So let’s check it out. If you want to learn conversational Spanish – How to learn it fast.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive language courses to learn conversational Spanish. A language so simple and pleasant, Spanish can be easily learned at home. Here are a few tips on how to become a good Spanish speaker and gain a comprehensive understanding of the language in about a month.

Don’t get discouraged – Spanish is pretty simple as many words have the same or very similar spelling to any Roman language (English, Italian, etc). The pronunciation is pretty simple as well because 90% of the words are pronounced just the way they are written, so no heavy pronunciation rules (like in French for example).

Browse the web – you will quickly find a lot of free recourses providing basic Spanish lessons. No matter what you’re interested in conversational Spanish you still need to know the basic spelling and grammar rules.

Once you are familiar with the basics, start to build your Spanish dictionary. Try to learn as man words as possible. Where to begin? Just look around and get the Spanish words for the objects that surround you.  Online dictionaries like can help as they offer a translation to Spanish from a lot of languages.

Put yourself into imaginable situations (you at the airport, you shopping for groceries, you meeting a person in a bar, etc.) and build up a simple dialogue. This is helpful as you can practice your new Spanish verbal skills, though different people may need different time lengths to learn the language.

There is one thing that will defiantly help you learn conversational Spanish – listening. Find a Spanish TV program or a Spanish radio. Again the web comes here to help – there are plenty of online Spanish radio programs you can try. Maybe you will not understand every word you hear at the beginning.

However, listening will help you “feel” the language and improve your pronunciation. Imagine you are actually talking to the people you are listening to and react to what they say… in Spanish! Well, I know it’s like this stupid “talking to the radio” thing, but believe it or not – it really helps.

Finally, something that is required for any Spanish language student – communicate with real people in real situations, regardless of whether you attend a classroom course or an online Spanish course. Pick up a travel destination – Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, or even Brazil where Portuguese is spoken. There are a lot of inexpensive vacation packages to give you unforgettable memories as well as a lot of native Spanish speakers who will help you improve your Spanish conversational skills.

One Spanish program that helps you learn conversational Spanish fast is called Rocket Spanish. It is the best program around if you wish to do a home learning course and it will even help build your pronunciation and help you learn Spanish quicker.

In the contemporary age, everything is about instant gratification and getting what we want now or as quick as possible. Learning Spanish is nothing different and we would all like to learn Spanish fast.

There are many ways to learn Spanish and some are quicker than others but I will try to outline some tips that you can do to help learn Spanish quickly.

The best way to learn Spanish fast is to start with the basics first and master those. this gives you a good foundation to continue on from. Also in combination with learning the basics, there are flash cards and other multimedia programs that can help with this.

Rocket Spanish (a great Spanish program we love) does a fantastic job of incorporating multiple learning methods so that you can learn Spanish quickly. One such method is by incorporating multi-media into the program so that you can match images of situations with the correct Spanish meaning. This is an extremely powerful and effective way to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.